Concerning the majority of the people’s representatives

The central ambition in the use of academic methods is to impose strict control on claims of untruth. An academic method always consists in disbelieving, unless given no other choice than to believe.

People’s representatives base the legitimacy of their decisions on the idea that the approval by the majority of the people’s representatives would be equivalent to the approval of the majority of the people themselves.

I reject this claim, because it is not validated.

Seriously, there is no reason whatsoever to believe that such claim would be true.

For such claim to have any credibility at all, it is necessary to verify that a random, sufficiently large, and statistically-significant sample of the population approves the decision too. In absence of such statistical validation, the claim is spurious and usually even purposely deceitful.

The people’s representatives must be kept in check. We must continuously add new mechanisms and new technology to prevent them from deceiving the population. Otherwise, that is exactly what they will be doing.


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I mostly work on an alternative bitcoin marketplace -and exchange applications. I am sometimes available for new commercial projects but rather unlikely right now.

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