The Iraqi non-soldiers

In a previous blog post, I mentioned the problem that soldiers do not agree to risk their lives and die for a salary. If you die for a salary, you will not be able to spend it. Therefore, risking your life and dying for a salary is utterly self-defeating. Soldiers will only risk their lives for what they believe in: religion or nation.

May 26, 2015, Iraq army held 10-to-1 advantage during Ramadi defeat

I am obviously not interested in choosing sides in this conflict, since I cannot see what vested interest I could have in its outcome.

On both sides of the battlefield, we have pretty much the same people, in terms of culture, origin, and upbringing, the only relevant difference being the strength of their beliefs. In fact, the losing side is much better equipped. The losing side were also assisted quite a bit by US-led airstrikes. It did not make any difference. You simply cannot win the battle if your soldiers think that they do not wish to die for any of the crap their leaders are selling to them.

There is not much difference between American and Iraqi soldiers. The willingness to die on the American side may not be much better. It is probably even worse. The entire American military rests on the willingness of the Bible belt to risk their lives and die for Jesus and America. The problem is that they have already been asked to do that in Afghanistan and Iraq. Indeed, they died in large numbers there, but nothing worth mentioning was achieved in return. Furthermore, since the goal to achieve was never explicitly mentioned, it is entirely normal that no such goal has ever been achieved. Therefore, you can reasonably expect them to be very sceptical about any new adventures.

Outside the Bible belt, there are no valid sources for recruiting soldiers. Recruits from the remainder of the United States believe in absolutely nothing and would be several orders of magnitude worse than Iraqi soldiers. Seriously, contrary to what you may believe, Iraqi soldiers are not even that bad. They are, for example, still much preferable to military units originating from the atheist heartlands of Western Europe. Those guys are total non-soldiers. They would never agree to die, even when their natural day has come, let alone, on the battlefield. Irrational fear of death is quite contagious. If just a few soldiers start running back to their mamas, it will not take long before they all start doing it.

Their problem is that they do not believe in anything. You have to believe in something — just even in something as ridiculous like communism — to be willing to risk your life and die.

Their comrades also do not believe in anything, and they know it. So, they know that these comrades will not do what it takes to win the battle. If these comrades start running, they will be toast. That is why they start running first.

The motor of any fighting force is what they believe in, and the belief that they should do whatever it takes to win the battle, along with the conviction that the comrades will do the same.

In my impression, one reason why atheism does not survive from generation to generation is that atheist men get decimated on the battlefield. They don’t get to produce the next generation. Instead, they die because of their irrational fear of death. When you have nothing to die for, you will end up dying for nothing.

It is funny to see how the atheist and feminist states of Western Europe have lost all capacity to defend themselves. They are toast, and it is obviously just a question of time before the inevitable materializes. They are so incredibly convinced that God does not exist. Well, let them prove on the battlefield that that would be true.

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