Long live the dinosaurs

When looking at things from the inside, like Marc Andreessen does, the stock exchange badly overvalues Microsoft (and Apple and Oracle) while undervaluing the unicorns.

From the inside, it looks pretty much like a miracle that a company like Microsoft still exists.

All of their products have equivalent competing alternatives that are available free of charge, with source code included. A situation like that cannot last forever. Apple is in the same situation. They have obviously already outlasted their initial IPhone first-mover advantage. Now they are just trying to push overpriced gear onto an increasingly unwilling public. Is that supposed to be the secret to success?

Oracle has the same problem. Only another dinosaur still buys from that dinosaur. Therefore, if the dinosaurs do not come up with a miracle, they will sooner or later be toast.

But then again, the dinosaurs will indeed not come up with a miracle, because anybody who is capable of producing miracles, prefers to build his own miraculous unicorn. You cannot hire someone to innovate. You can only hire someone to tell them what to do. You cannot hire them, for them to do what they fancy, with the idea that they should somehow make their favourite pastime useful to you.


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I mostly work on an alternative bitcoin marketplace -and exchange applications. I am sometimes available for new commercial projects but rather unlikely right now.

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