About the survival of ideas

People generally want to survive, and they try to, but we all know that ultimately, every person will lose that battle.

An idea may also be reproductive, in a sense that it contains clauses that encourage the person who believes in it to convince other people to adopt it too. If an idea is not reproductive, it will eventually disappear. Therefore, successful ideas will try to reproduce.

Because non-reproductive ideas die with the death of their believers, on the long run, the heads of people will be mostly filled with reproductive ideas. The most important way in which an idea tries to survive is by encouraging its believers to transmit it to their children.

An idea will be fundamentally bugged if it prevents its believers from seeking to have children.

Such idea is a reproduction-seeking but essentially anti-reproduction idea. Such idea tries to survive but it discourages its believers from reproducing. Since its believers will tend to have no progeny, the idea will not be much represented in the next generation, while the few greying believers will find themselves surrounded by young populations who do not believe in it.

In order to survive anyway, a reproduction-seeking, anti-reproduction idea will have no other option than to seek alternative ways of surviving into the next generation.

It always boils down to the same strategy. In order to survive, such idea must find a way to transmit itself to the children of people who do not believe in it.

One way to achieve this, is to grab control over the national education system and over the government who control it.

It works. Nowadays, government-controlled schools will subtly and less subtly teach the children that they should not consider their own, future reproduction as an important or even valid goal.

The strategy may not work necessarily that well with boys, because as men they will be predestined to act upon their pretty much biological obsession with sex. Teaching a man not to have sex is therefore generally an impossibility. He won’t listen. You would have to talk to the girls instead.

It is easier to teach girls that they should not seek to marry, have a husband or children, before they are well in their thirties, because before that time they will need to do things that are more important. Of course, only starting a family well in her thirties, is something that does not necessarily work that well for the average woman, but hey, that problem lies decades in the future. By the time that she understand this, it will usually be too late already. Mission accomplished.

Government control over education is a massive bug in the system, a gaping vulnerability, and not just in one way. It can — and therefore will always be — used to infect the next generation with harrowing forms of malware. Government control over education is a fully-fledged ambush.

Theory of deception says that it is the aggregate trust, across large numbers of believers, in the false and deceptive belief that says that government education can be trusted, which fuels the growth in the deception.

In the meanwhile, government education has become so highly deceptive, that its collapse can only be nigh.

In this context, what Boko Haram says, makes a lot of sense: Western education/propaganda is evil, simply because it had to become evil. It certainly has a seriously counterproductive influence on young girls.

I do not think that Boko Haram were the first ones to discover the existence of this problem. Afghan parents seem to be thinking the same. Western education is a conspiracy taken over by a reproduction-seeking but essentially anti-reproduction idea.

I think that the conspiracy is indeed smart, but not nearly smart enough. It will not prevent the inevitable from materializing: the greying, infected carriers of the anti-reproduction idea will find themselves surrounded by a growing majority of youthful Boko-Haramists, who do not believe in it, and reject being infected with that virus.

Biological invariants in life forms always regain the upper hand. Reproduction cannot be cancelled in living beings. Therefore, a reproduction-seeking but essentially anti-reproduction idea can never be strong enough to defeat the undefeatable. That is why the future belongs to Boko-Haramism.


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