The magical line that explains it all

In between the second and the third column, you can see the magical line that explains it all:

Dunning-Kruger Deep inside, you think that you are smarter than everybody else You know for a fact that lots of people are smarter than you
politics You are a nationalist You are an internationalist
About nationality You generally prefer people of your own nationality You generally prefer people of your own or similar professions
Immigration You see immigrants as a threat You generally don’t care but you believe that there are also interesting immigrants
Politics You are getting more statist with the day You are becoming more libertarian with the day
Government The government must protect you from competition The government must stop protecting hopeless cases from competition because it only makes them more hopeless
Knowledge You think that you know everything there is to know You know that there is much more to know than the little you know
Things you don’t know You dismiss everything you don’t know or understand as unimportant You are attracted by things you don’t know or don’t understand
Subjects You know nothing about the subject but you certainly still know better You like to listen and learn
Learning You don’t need to learn, because you know everything already You learn pretty much all of the time
Girls When you were young, the girls kind of liked you, but now not anymore When you were young the girls ignored you but now they run after you
Credentialism You may not have one, but you think that degrees are very important You probably have one, but you could not care less about anybody else’s degrees
Degrees You strongly believe that people with degrees should make more money You know quite a few poor people with degrees who probably still make too much money for what they do
Crisis In the slightest economic downturn, you lose everything You don’t remember the last economic downturn
Salaries For your job, local salaries are very different around the world Wherever you go, people doing what you are doing, make pretty much the same
Future outlook You are continuously afraid of losing your job You never worry about that kind of things
Applying You always have to apply and you usually get rejected You get asked quite often but you are already too busy
CV They ask you for your CV They know your CV
Adversity You blame others You blame yourself
Money You live from paycheck to paycheck and you cannot save anything You are sitting on savings that would allow you to carry on for years
Debt You badly need payday loans You may have a mortgage but that is only for tax reasons
Games If you cannot win, you start cheating You congratulate the winner
Envy You envy and therefore hate people in the other column You feel sorry for people in the other column
Racism You are racist and even supremacist and you feel superior as you always keep pointing to the achievements of people of your own race but from the other column You get along with other races, no problem; it does not make any difference to you
Attitude You easily attack or insult other people You are generally polite
Religion You insult other people’s religion You see the value in family life and the fact that religion encourages it
Islam You are afraid of Islam You see Islam as something quite similar to Christianity
Parents You only have a single mother and no father whose name you may not have been told Your parents are probably still married
Siblings If you have brothers and sisters, they are all from different fathers You get along quite well with your siblings
Women You are attracted to women who dress like prostitutes; they possibly even are. You are attracted to women who can at least eat with fork and knife
Life You think that life is unfair You enjoy life
Power If you have even only a little power — you probably don’t — you will abuse it It is in your nature that you desire to be fair to other people
Conclusion You are the archetypical loser You are the archetypical winner

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