The teenage girls in Trygve Reenskaug’s 1979 MODELS – VIEWS – CONTROLLERS

The original 1979 paper is a must read for people who are fond of MVC. They will immediately understand what Trygve Reenskaug really meant:

A view […] gets (GET) the data necessary for the presentation from the model by asking questions. It may also (POST) update the model by sending appropriate messages.

According to the paper, the View makes requests to the Model by sending messages, while the Controller is a separate program, common to all View->Model applications.

  • View = the browser
  • Model = the server
  • Controller = the windows start menu

Since nobody else seems to have read the original paper, the one person who did and misunderstood it, did a fantastic job in touting the virtues of MVC.

Ever since, the teenage girls have been copying what their friends are wearing!

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