The proxy war between Apple and the FBI

Apple has created something that gives them quite a bit of power over the users of their iphones and ipads. Apple has manipulated the situation very well. They have gained the ability to update the software on these devices without permission or even knowledge of the user.

Of course, Apple just made a beginner’s mistake. They thought that they would be able to hang on to that power by themselves. That is not how it works. As it turned out, they just did free research for the three-letter agencies that represent the real power in society, and which ultimately have total control over the corporations.

Three-letter agencies dealing with foreigner and foreign countries have full extralegal status. The NSA and the CIA do not need to ask permission anywhere for anything. The formal procedure says that the NSA and the CIA just ask a FISA court to rubber stamp whatever they want to do. Then, they tell Apple to update someone’s phone. Next, they just use a gag order to forbid Apple from revealing anything to anyone.

The FBI are envious and jealous. They ordinarily do not deal with foreigners but with residents. They also want this power. Unfortunately, residents and nationals could complain. Therefore, the FBI see themselves systematically being reined it. Traditionally, if the FBI want to use extralegal methods, they must go and kiss arse at the NSA or the CIA. Otherwise, they are being told to bugger off. The FBI seriously hate this.

It is not Apple that are fighting the FBI, because Apple have no say whatsoever in any of this. Apple are being told and instructed by others to snub the FBI. The FBI have been told that they are uppity. They should know their place. We know exactly which cartel does not want to share their extralegal powers. It is their monopoly. The FBI are simply not going to get anything.


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2 thoughts on “The proxy war between Apple and the FBI”

  1. Erik-
    Remember too that you and I could make up an encrypted message service in a week that could quickly substitute for Apples. So even if the FBI somehow wins they will lose in the long run.
    Plus Apple can not be coerced into creating software for the FBI’s needs. If they do, they create the demise of Apple. Who wants compromised phones??


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