Mandatory opinions-to-adopt about man-woman relationships

I am possibly also beginning to get enough of the politically-correct crowd and their “mandatory” opinions-to-adopt about man-woman relationships.

That is why I have begun to seek more often to surround myself, also online, with a rather more islamified crowd, who are known to incessantly quote from things like islamic law and scriptures, of which the usefulness is certainly not in doubt, and who also insist that they know everything better. Anyway, who doesn’t? It perfectly suits me fine!

As you know, people of all stripes are now rapidly learning why not to insult that particular religion. Even the Holy See is adamant about this.

Other circumlocution offices have also added several paragraphs about this topic to their How-not-to-do-it standards. Part of the politically-correct crowd now even seems to be living in fear. May it be a lesson to everybody.

I think that this strategy should help to further spare me from people insisting on politically-correct opinions in this realm. These people should not insist. They are supposed to live in fear instead.


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I mostly work on an alternative bitcoin marketplace -and exchange applications. I am sometimes available for new commercial projects but rather unlikely right now.

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