HSBC: The bank and the incarna-self

I used to bank with HSBC in London. I still have a dormant account with them, I think, but I mostly use bitcoin nowadays.

One day, they called me concerning a bank wire that I had made from my HSBC account with them, to one of my other accounts with another bank.


  • HSBC asked me: What is the relationship between you and the recipient of the wire, your namesake?
  • So, HSBC continued: Why are you wiring money to this person?
  • I answered: Because everything goes in cycles of birth and rebirth. Ultimately, money will always flow back to where it came from. I have known Mr. Incarna-self for as long as I remember. Believe me that the money is in good hands. Chances are that he could just be another incarnation of myself, in this life, but probably not in a previous one.
  • So, HSBC asked me: Do you vouch for Mr. Incarnaself to really be who you think he is?
  • I replied: Yes, I certainly do. I know him better than myself. I can easily predict what he will be doing. He is so transparent to me.
  • So, HSBC continued: What did he need the money for? For what purpose or reason?
  • I said: His ways are mysterious, but still comprehensible. I know for a fact that he will just spend the money. That is what he always does. I just gave it to him, because he needed it. Seriously, that is the elusive reason “why”.
  • HSBC then said: Ok, we will store this information about the relationship between you and Mr. Incarnaself in our computers. We are very satisfied, because we have done our jobs. Goodbye for now.


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I mostly work on an alternative bitcoin marketplace -and exchange applications. I am sometimes available for new commercial projects but rather unlikely right now.

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